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Reviews Of Colyer Law Firm, PLLC

5.00 13 Reviews
Aug 22, 2017

Tony was extremely thorough and professional in handling our legal matters.

Greg Hermann
Aug 21, 2017

Great law firm to do business with! I highly recommend to use Colyer Law Firm for any legal services. Not only was my experience very professional, it was also personable to the point I was very comfortable with the legal counsel and advice that was recommended to my family and I. Great service and great people!

Rosemary Drybrough
Jul 09, 2017

I have several legal issues in the year and a half. I have found Mr. Colyer to be knowledgeable, honest with me, timely with legal papers, and helpful in family matters.

Heather Palmer
Jul 06, 2017

Tony was amazing. Very knowledgeable and helped me settle my case when no one else would. I would highly recommend him. :)

Lauren Noel Colyer
Jul 05, 2017

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